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Body- Celestial Showers Aquarius Body Wash/ 8.5 ounce
Milla & Ella

Body- Celestial Showers Aquarius Body Wash/ 8.5 ounce

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Birth Dates: January 19 - February 18

Essential Oils: Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) & Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus)

A botanical Aquarian blend of comforting and energizing green notes especially blended to enhance your independent and utopian nature.

Chronology: The visionary 11th sign of the zodiac.

Affirmation: "I embrace" - With thoughtful attention paid to the whole, you engross yourself completely in that which you believe, focusing on the many rather than the one.

Symbol: Airwaves - Symbolic of the light and neutral clarity that so inspires your creative thinking, your intuitive and energetic spirit ebbs and flows like a wave, becoming an amazing force for change and awakening.

Ruling Body: Uranus - The Roman God of the Universe embodies your expansive thought and imagination, ensuring that few things are out of your realm of understanding.

Element: Air - The light-hearted yet thoughtful demeanor you so often portray, makes you an ideal leader in realms both personal and professional.  

Color: Electric Blue - Accentuate your body and space with this vibrant shade to enhance your loyal nature and free thinking approach to life.

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