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Goodr Sorcery Spectacles- Glenda”s Resting Witch Face

Goodr Sorcery Spectacles- Glenda”s Resting Witch Face

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Goodr's Sorcery Spectacles are the classic shape with new levels of style and performance. Want more magic in your life? Just summon a pair of these enchanted goodrs and brace for impact (an exciting way of saying "wait for the mail"). Each pair conjures a mystical feeling with translucent frames and colorful dragonglass lenses. If the world starts to sparkle and swirl into a magnificent fantasy land, then you may need to see a doctor. These are simply polarized sunglasses that stay on your face. Oh, we're sorry, is that not MAGICAL enough for you? Ok Muggle.

Best part about being a wizard? Only takes one swing of the wand to do a makeover. One minute you’re a scruffy nerd with coke-bottle lenses, the next you’re a jacked bro with stylish semi-translucent sunnies. Yes, the magic life is pretty great. 



  • Microfiber bag


  • No slip coating
  • Lightweight frames to prevent bouncing
  • Polarized lenses

Lenses: Mirrored Reflective Lenses, Polarized UV400 Protection 
Fit: OG - For regular heads
Weight: 22g 

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